The MUSD Board

Powers of the School Board

The Board is the policy-forming body of the Middletown Unified School District. It establishes general policies governing the operation of the schools with the assistance of the Superintendent and the administrative staff. Among the Board’s numerous duties are the adoption of the annual budget, approval of expenditures, adoption of reasonable policies for government of the district, employees, and pupils, employment of personnel, approval of the curriculum, textbooks, and courses of study, approval of facility plans and construction contracts.

The Board of Education is entrusted by the community to uphold the Constitutions of California and the United States, to protect the public interest in schools, and to ensure that a high-quality education is provided to each student.

Unity of Purpose


School district governance is the act of transforming the needs, wishes, and desires of the community into policies that direct the community’s schools.

In a school district, the Board and Superintendent work together as a governance team.  For a governance team to work together effectively, members need to:  maintain a unity of purpose; agree on and govern within appropriate roles; create and sustain a positive governance culture; and create a supportive structure for effective governance.

What Does the Governance Team Want to Accomplish? What Does it Stand for?


The shared purpose is to have the best learning environment for all students, including programs, facilities, and continuous improvement in all areas. Building trust and moving the District forward in a transparent manner is paramount. The Board strives to: