Chris Ochs


Annette Lee

Why Two Candidates?

The candidates and campaign committee decided to run a “slate” versus two separate campaigns to pool resources. Elections incur costs, can be a second full-time job time-wise, and tend to do best with community involvement. Hence, Chris and Annette, who support each other’s candidacy, wanted to combine their efforts. They are NOT a single ticket, nor a block vote.

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Get to Know Chris Ochs

Chris is currently a MUSD Board appointed seat holder since March of this year. He has been a part of the MUSD community for over a decade with countless hours aiding Coyote Valley activities, the PTO, aiding in the construction of the playground, and working with the PTO. Chris is ready to continue giving his time to shaping the future of our district in a positive way for our students, staff, and community. He brings a unique perspective to the district with knowledge of school facilities and the need to offer an environment for all to thrive.

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Meet Annette Lee

As an MUSD parent for the past ten years, Annette believes the time is right to step up and help ensure MUSD provides the high-quality academic and safe social-emotional environment that our children deserve. She has extensive training and experience helping educational institutions serve students successfully and is 110% committed to seeing MUSD thrive for the sake of all of our children.

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